Composite window and door systems  



  (Innovation Fiber Composite)
premium window and door profiles made of infinite glass fibres and resin that naturally meet the strictest energetic austerity demands and in terms of quality noticeably exceed common materials including wood, aluminium or PVC.


The new generation of profiles with top-ranking sound and heat isolation, premium design and long lasting resistance. In other words, where merits of wood, aluminium and PVC end, INFIBEC only starts.

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Why glass fibres?

FIRM as steel


Will it surprise you when you find out that INFIBEC profiles are by their firmness closer to steel than to common materials that are used for window frames manufacture? The same fibre glass material is also used for manufacturing bearing components of bridge constructions. That is because the material is naturally firm and thin even without other additive elements such as iron reinforcements like in PVC profiles, which only augments heat conductivity. We ensure profile firmness in every way by the combination of infinite fibre and infinite glass matting in a precise layout. Thanks to that, the use of a profile made of INFIBEC material is always a matter of elegance.

RESISTANT to temperature fluctuations

Glass gets on best with glass. If you connect two materials which react almost identically to temperature changes you will achieve a perfect harmony and the windows are never going to deform, sag or crack. Not even in case that direct sunlight affects the windows over a long period.

HEAT won´t get in or out

Glass has very low thermal conductivity. That´s why glassmakers can manually blow glass whose temperature is almost a thousand degrees Celsius at its end without getting burnt. INFIBEC, benefits from this natural property too and therefore doesn´t need any complicated thermal bridges interruptions or unnecessarily gain profile thickness.