By connecting the merits of infinite glass fibre, glass matting and resin we introduce new function material. INFIBEC is an innovative composite that overcomes traditional materials in all key parameters required in case of filling the construction apertures. Where merits of wood, aluminium and PVC end, INFIBEC only starts. It effortlessly meets the strictest energetic austerity demands.

The modern profile made of INFIBEC material is resistant to high and low temperatures, it is electrically non-conductive and it has great acoustic properties. It is material warm to the touch. It has significantly lower emissivity compared to aluminium. It is elegant.

A new generation of INFIBEC profiles is the result of our few years´ development and experience. The base of our success is proven Canadian technology, which we successfully use to produce in Slovakia. With INFIBEC you will get Slovak quality built on worldwide basis. Thanks to local manufacturing and low energy demands this system is not only innovative and effective but also ecological.

okenny profil

Development and manufacture of new window profiles made of glass fibres include a plenty of complex procedures and processes, the result of which is however perfect simplicity and elegance. After all, the beauty lies in simplicity – and that is the first thing that comes to your mind at the sight of LIVINN profiles.

    it consists of up to 72% glass fibres in weight


    INFIBEC products are ecologically purer because up to 72% of their weight is composed of glass fibre, which is processed naturally occurring silicon. Our products don´t burden nature with excess plastic waste.

    one investment, numerous lives


    Long-lasting life span and resistance of glass fibres are an appreciable virtue thanks to which it is not necessary to change window frames as often as in case of PVC. By this means, the buyers who don´t have to invest in further change of their windows will save money and, last but not least, nature will save its resources.

    not necessary to change after 15, even 20 years


    INFIBEC profiles don´t require any special maintenance and they keep their appearance even after many years. They last longer since they are made of one robust piece. We secure torsional stiffness of glass fibres by adding glass matting.

    no demolishing nor change


    In case of damaging the frame surface, it is possible to effortlessly repair it and get it to the original state without the need for a complete change of the whole frame.

HARD as steel

Kompozit graf 1

Will it surprise you when you find out that LIVINN profiles are by their firmness closer to steel than to common materials which are used for window frames manufacture? The truth is that fibreglass material is used for construction of static beam constructions. That is because the material is naturally strong and thin. Thanks to that, its use is always a matter of elegance.

HEAT won´t get in or out

Kompozit graf 2

Glass has very low thermal conductivity. That´s why glassmakers can manually blow glass whose temperature is almost a thousand degrees Celsius at its end without getting burnt. INFIBEC, benefits from this natural property too and therefore doesn´t need any complicated thermal bridges interruptions.

RESISTANT to temperature fluctuations

Kompozit graf 3

Glass gets on best with glass. If you connect two materials which react almost identically to temperature changes you will achieve a perfect harmony and the windows are never going to deform, sag or crack. Not even in case that direct sunlight affects the windows over a long period.