About the company

The name LIVINN stands for living innovations and thus innovations in living. We are a Slovak technological company and our goal is your better quality and more comfortable life. We realize that we spend most of the day at home and in the office, hence we seek ways to improve the quality of the stay in closed spaces. We do so with a use of fibreglass, unique composite material, which is made of glass fibres placed in a resin mat. We bring general fibreglass in a perfect formula for construction aperture panes under the name of INFIBEC.

LIVINN reacts by its product to nowadays increasingly stringent commercial and residential buildings´ energetic austerity demands. Demands of regulators as well as the market aim to higher energy savings and advanced ecology. Where traditional materials cease being able to fulfil increasingly strict limits, we come with our INFIBEC. By knowing wood, PVC and aluminium, we have used our knowledge for development of stable, strong and energetically economical material, which has better properties than all traditional materials together.


We are the pioneers in the field of fibreglass systems and we satisfy new European demand. Thanks to our local development and manufacture in our own charge, we are permanently ahead in window frames design with this exceptional material of the future. We have created a system, thanks to which we effectively manufacture all standard elements of construction aperture panes. All products are created in a Slovak manufacture base, partly also from Slovak materials. We care not only about the quality but also swiftness and ecology. We use pultrusion technology during the manufacture.


We protect natural resources. INFIBEC products are particularly ecological and clean, since up to 72% of their weight is made up of fibreglass which is processed naturally occurring silicon. An appreciable asset of INFIBEC is long life and resistance of glass fibres, thanks to which it is not necessary to change window frames as often as in case of PVC. Therefore our products don´t burden nature with needless plastic waste.

LIVINN is our personal presentation. One touch is enough and you will immediately feel the firmness of the innovative window frames, their pleasant steady temperature and quality, which is underlined with physical attractivness. The result of using LIVINN profiles is your better quality life, a safer home and a responsible attitude towards nature.